2009 Prodim Proliner 8 3D Digital Templating System

2009 Prodim 3D Digital Templating Proliner 8. Very good condition, tested and calibrated, fully working guaranted

Price:$ 6300
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With the Proliner® 8-Series, the manufacturer reports that it is possible to carry two spare batteries, a digital camera and different add-ons, and there is still space for other items.

Designed for both functionality and looks, the Proliner® 8-Series is advanced, and has been made to provide maximum comfort, stability and durability. Additionally, the 8 2/5-inch touch screen makes the Proliner® 8-Series very user friendly.

The integrated speakers enable the user to adjust the beep-volume, which makes it suitable for noisy working environments. A LED light indicates the status of the battery

Used by one owner, guarantee all units extremely well taken care of.
Comes just as shown and includes only whats noted here in the sale. Please do not assume anything.