GL722 Grade Laser


The Spectra Precision Laser GL722 offers full, two-way Radio Remote with the capability of dual grade range of 25%. The GL722 ideal for all general construction and machine control applications such as site preparation, trenching.

Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser with long-range radio remote functions plus automatic axis alignment capability. The operating range (diameter) is 900 m(3,000 ft), with axis grade range X of -10 to +10 Percent and axis grade range Y of -0.5 Percent to +25 Percent. Ideal for general construction, site preparation, road construction and machine control. Packaged with the CR600 combo receiver for entry level machine control applications.


  • Automatic vertical self leveling (plumbing)
  • -0.5 to +25% grade range (dual axis)
  • 900m diameter range with the CR600 receiver
  • Automatic temperature and grade compensation for high accuracy


  • General construction
  • Site preparation
  • Trenching
  • Pipe laying
  • Road construction
  • Machine control
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