2008 Leica TCRP1203+ 3 R1000 Robotic Total Station

2008 Leica TCRP1203+ 3" R1000 Robotic Total Station with RX1250TC Field Controller. Condition Excellent, Calibration Included, Warranty 90 Days. Firmware: SmartWorx v8.71. Field controller: RX1250TC (Touchscreen and Colour)

Price:$ 6700
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Large Alphanumeric keypad with perfectly readable, high-contrast LCD display, Fully robotic PowerSearch, Automatic Target Recognition

On-Board Applications: Survey, Setup, COGO, Stakeout, Reference Line, Determine Coordinate System, Traverse, User Manuals, pdf tutorial guides

Package Includes:
• 1X Leica TCRP 1203+ 3" R1000 Total Station
• 1x RX1250TC Remote Control Unit
• 1x GHT39 Holding Plate
• 1x Pole Holder Clamp
• 1x GRZ122 Prism
• 1x GKL211 Leica Charger
• 1x GKL221 Charger
• 2x GEB211 Li-lon Battery
• 1x GEB221 Li-lon Battery
• 1x 240v Power cable
• 1x 12v Power cable
• 1x MCFAD 1 Compact Flash Adapter
• 1x Compact Flash Card 32MB
• 1x TPS 1200+ User Manual
• 1x Sun Shade
• 1x Rain Cover
• 1x Tool kit
• 2X Hard-Shelled Carrying Case