2012 Leica TS11 3 R400 Reflectorless total Station

2012 Leica TS11 3 R400, Purchased from Leica clearance, Condition Excellent, Calibrated, Warranty 90 days, Come w/ Battery new, Charger, Tribrach, Keyboard, TS SmartWorx Viva, Leica GVP625, User Manuals, DVD's, pdf tutorial guides, warranty information

Price:$ 4700
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Manufactured 2012

Condition Excellent, Calibration Included, Warranty 90 days. Unit has been been calibrated by factory-trained technicians.

Recently purchased from Leica's clearance inventory.

The EDM, Laser Plummet, Electronic Level Vial, Hz & Vert. Collimation have been found to be in tolerance of manufacturer's specifications.

Package Includes:

  • 1x 780820 TS11 3" R400 Reflectorless Total Station s/n 1661652
  • 2x 733270 GEB221 Li-ION Battery brand new!
  • 1x 734752 GKL211 Li-ION Charger
  • 1x 748888 GDF111-1 Basic Tribrach w/o optical Plummet
  • 1x 779481 GTS34 2nd. keyboard with full VGA colour touch screen.
  • 1x 781305 TS SmartWorx Viva License Key
  • 1x Leica GVP625 Hard-Shelled Carrying Case
  • Current Viva Firmware v4.51
  • TS11 Standard Applications
  • User Manuals, DVD's, pdf tutorial guides, warranty information