Leica R200M power 5 Builder Reflectorless Total Station

Calibrated by Leica technician, ready to working condition. Come includes NiMH and Alkaline Batteries, A/C Charger and 12V Car Charger, Leica Mini Prism and Stakeout Pole, Tribrach, USB Download Cable, Carrying Case, User Manual, Instrument CD's

Price:$ 1780
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This is discontinued Leica Builder total stations. These are floor models in like-new condition. Unit has been calibrated by authorized Leica factory-trained technicians. The EDM, Laser Plummet, Electronic Level Vial, Hz & Vert, Collimation have been found to be in tolerance of manufacturer's specifications.

Package includes:

  • R200Mpower Builder 5” Reflectorless Total Station
  • NiMH and Alkaline Batteries
  • A/C Charger and 12V Car Charger
  • Leica Mini Prism and Stakeout Pole
  • Tribrach
  • USB Download Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Instrument CD’s


  • Offers a high resolution graphic display. Angles are displayed up to 1" accuracy.
  • The laser plummet and electronic leveling vial make it easy to plumb over a point.
  • Absolute angle encoders, continuous drive tangents, and crystal clear optics allow you to work efficiently and generate precise results.
  • Automatic compensation of vertical and horizontal readings guarantees fast measurements and minimal errors.
  • Use the reflectorless EDM to measure up to 250m to a flat, reflective surface. 3500m range using standard glass prisms.
  • RS232 port allows you to upload and transfer data to your PC or operate with any data collector.