Used Leica TCRP1205 R300 Robotic Total Station


Used Leica TCRP1205 R300 Robotic Total station sale with leica RX1220 controller, manufacture 2011, in excellent ready to working condition, has been tested and calibrated by authorized Leica service

This Used Leica TCRP1205 R300 sale to customers with a current software update, calibration certificate and a 1-year customer warranty from Leica Authorized

Sale includes;

  • Leica TCRP1205 R300 Robotic Total station
  • GTS20 keyboard
  • GEB221, Lithium-Ion battery, 4Ah, rechargeable
  • GEB171, External universal battery, NiMH, 12V/8Ah, rechargeable
  • GEV187, Y-cable, connects TPS1200 to PC (9-pin RS232 serial) and external battery, 2m.
  • GKL221, Charger PRO. To be used with up to two charging adapters GDI221 or GDI222, Charger cable and net adapter included.
  • MCF256, CompactFlash card 256MB
  • MCR5, Card reader for CompactFlash card
  • GEV102, data transfer cable, connects TPS1200 to PC (9-pin RS232 serial), 2m.
  • GVP625 Container

Leica RX1220 Controller Set sale come includes everything and ready to work;

  • RX1220T Controller with integrated radio modem with antenna
  • GHT39 pole holder with GHT51 clamp
  • TCPS27 B radio modem
  • GHT43 tripod adapter
  • GEV186 Y-cable
  • GK1 converter
  • 2x GEB211 Batteries
  • GVP627 Container
  • User manual.
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