Krautkramer MIC-20 UCI Hardness Tester system kit


Static Plus Dynamic
For the first time the Krautkramer MIC 20 combines the quasi-static UCI and the dynamic rebound hardness testing methods: the MIC 20 now places ”hardness testing in a twin pack” at your disposal with these two different physical methods - and covers their complete application range.

This makes the MIC 20 a universal instrument: you can use it to test fine-grained materials having different masses and shapes or heat treated surfaces (UCI method), as well as large, coarse-grained components, forgings, and cast materials (rebound method).

Two Methods
The UCI method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) determines the hardness of a material on the basis of the size of the test indentation left behind in the material by a Vickers diamond after applying the test load.

In the case of the rebound method, an impact body is impelled by spring force against the test surface. The impact and rebound velocities are each measured in a non-contact mode; the hardness value is calculated from these two values.

The MIC 20 automatically sets to the corresponding method as soon as you connect a UCI probe or a rebound impact device.

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