2010 Trimble SPS-881 GNSS RTK GPS set TSC2


Trimble SPS-881 L1/L2/L2C Dual Frequency GLONASS RTK GPS System
TSC2 Data Collector with SCS900 Construction Stakeout Software
Base and Rover RTK GPS SYSTEM
Internal 900Mhz 2-Watt transmit radios
Latest Firmware 4.61

This Trimble SPS-881 Base and Rover has Glonass enabled and you will typically track between 14 and 20 satellites.

Sale Includes:

  • 1x Trimble SPS 881 Base and Rover SPS-881 Rover GNSS RTK GPS receiver with 900Mhz internal radio
  • 1x TSC2 with SCS-900 Construction Stakeout/Collection Software
  • 1x TSC2 Charger and cordura case, stylus, and screen protector
  • 4x Receiver batteries and 2ea 2-Bay Chargers
  • 1x serial cable for power and communication
  • 1x 2M GPS Tripod with Cordura Carry case
  • 1x Base power cable – Aligator clips
  • 1x Hard shell Case

Comes just as shown and includes only whats noted here in the sale. Please do not assume anything.

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