2012 Trimble GCS900 MS992 RTK GLONASS Cab Kit


Trimble GNSS MS992 SMART ANTENNA - The MS992 contains an integrated GPS+GNSS receiver, antenna, and isolation system all in a single, durable housing. It uses the advanced Trimble RTK engine for faster initialization times when satellite lock is lost and enhanced performance near obstructions.

This auction includes:

  • 2x Trimble MS992 with RTK AND GLONASS
  • CB430 + Automatics Enabled with Newest Firmware Update and Active Software Warranty unused
  • Trimble SNR920 Radio with Wifi unused
  • Includes Case and Cable Harness for both MS992 Receivers.
  • 1x Hard Pelican Case for MS992

Comes just as shown and includes only whats noted here in the sale. Please do not assume anything.

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